Last Chance Indies: Dolor y gloria  (November 29 – January 23)
Last Chance Indies: Dolor y gloria (November 29 – January 23)

Pedro Almodóvar, one of Spain’s most brilliant filmmakers, reunites with his long-time acting collaborators Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz in DOLOR Y GLORIA (PAIN AND GLORY) to tell the story of a movie director who recounts his past in search of salvation. 


Critic Quotes:

“Almodóvar shows us that, even after nearly two dozen features over several decades, he can still hold an audience in his hand – and surprise it.” – Seattle Times

“A masterful, melancholy, tender, lacerating self-examination, filled with colour and light and the ghosts of those he has loved. Almodovar at 70, and perhaps astonishing to himself, continues to grow.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“Pain and Glory is at once the gentlest and most emotionally naked movie Pedro Almodóvar has ever made.” – New York Times Magazine

“A deeply personal and very moving film, anchored by the best work of Antonio Banderas’ career.” – Roger

“Pain and Glory, the filmmaker’s best and most personal movie in years, brings him back to mortal terrain.” – IndieWire



Runtime: 113  minutes

Year: 2019

Rating: R (for drug use, some graphic nudity and language)

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Country: Spain

Languages: Spanish w/ English subtitles



Friday, January 3: 10:00AM

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Monday, January 20: 7:30

Tuesday, January 21: 3:15

Wednesday, January 22: 10:15AM

Thursday, January 23: 4:30



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