Energy PSA Contest
Energy PSA Contest


2nd Annual CALL FOR YOUTH PRODUCED PSAs about Energy Conservation
Presented by SDG&E

What do YOU do to conserve energy at home, at school, with friends? Share your ideas and practices by creating a short 15-30 second Public Service Announcement video about energy conservation.

We are seeking innovative youth produced PSA’s about energy conservation; with creative tips and ideas about how we can save energy and become more energy efficient.

Enter on-line at:

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Benefits of solar energy.
Benefits of having an electric car.
The importance of energy efficient buildings.
How can you use LESS electricity to have MORE fun?
How can you use less energy to light up a room? (think energy efficient light bulbs)
How can we reduce being plugged in all day with our devices (utilize solar energy, wind turbines, hydro/water power)?
What are the alternatives to the plug? (solar energy, wind turbines, hydro/water power)
When do I use the most energy/electricity during my day?
How much energy can we save if we make small changes to our everyday activities?
What are the statistics? How much energy do we REALLY use?
How can we use less energy to stay cool in the hot summer months?
How can we use less energy to stay warm in the winter?
How can we make energy conservation cool?

Friday, January 12, 2018
For more information contact Larry Da Silveira at
*Please see below for rules and submission instructions

1st Place will win an iPad, $500 cash, plus one session scholarship to the Teen Producers Project (intro or advanced class)

2nd Place will win an iPod, $250 cash, plus one session scholarship to the Teen Producers Project (intro or advanced class)

3rd Place will win $100 cash, plus one session scholarship to the Teen Producers Project (intro or advanced class)

**Winning videos and posters will be screened and presented at “25th San Diego Latino Film Festival” at the AMC Fashion Valley movie theaters on Saturday March 24, 2018 during a special screening of Youth Produced Movies. The 1st Place winner will also be screened at 17th Annual iVIE Student Film Awards & Festival, on-line via social media sites, public access station(s), and prior to all movies screened at “Digital Gym CINEMA” March 2018 – June 2018.**

Age: Participants must be between the ages of 9 and 19
Geographic Location: Participants must be living in an SDG&E Service Area (San Diego County, Orange County).
Length: PSA’s must be no longer than 30 seconds long and no shorter than 15 seconds (including credits)
Format: .mov or .mpeg files are preferred but we will accept projects created with your mobile devices (cell phone). Posters should be 8″ x 14″ in dimension and submitted in .pdf format
Copyrights: PLEASE no third party content (music, images, photos, or graphics)

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please email high resolution files to Please utilize file sharing services such or to send files.

Also accepting video submissions via online submission platform FilmFreeway. It’s FREE to submit your videos!