For Your Consideration: In The Fade
For Your Consideration: In The Fade

This year’s Golden Globe winner for Best Foreign Film features an unforgettable performance by Diane Kruger (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) as a mother out for justice after the deaths of her husband and son when they are killed in a bomb attack planned by two Neo-Nazis.

Out of nowhere, Katja’s life falls apart when her husband Nuri and little son Rocco are killed in a bomb attack. Her friends and family try to give her the support she needs, and Katja somehow manages to make it through the funeral. But the mind numbing search for the perpetrators and reasons behind the senseless killing complicate Katja’s painful mourning, opening wounds and doubts. Danilo, a lawyer and Nuri’s best friend, represents Katja in the eventual trial against the two suspects: a young couple from the neo-Nazi scene. The trial pushes Katja to the edge, but there’s simply no alternative for her: she wants justice.

“It’s not hard to see why Kruger won the Best Actress prize at Cannes this year for her performance…” – The Wrap

“Diane Kruger is in nearly every shot, and her wide, open face with its hollow eyes says more in silence than other actors do in lengthy perorations.” – Vulture

“A thriller made riveting by an emotional performance from Diane Kruger.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Runtime: 106 minutes

Rating: R

Director: Fatih Akin

Country: Germany / France

Language: German w/ English subtitles

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