Fiscal Sponsorship

Under Media Arts Center San Diego’s fiscal sponsorship program, members approved by the fiscal sponsorship Committee conduct their film and video projects under the MACSD non-profit umbrella, allowing them to apply for grants, and to accept tax deductible contributions from individuals. Over $1,500,000 has been raised for local filmmakers and community groups since MEDIA ARTS started our fiscal sponsorship program in 1999.

There’s only a 8% administrative fee and MACSD has a quick turn-around for those projects needing a fiscal sponsor for its’ upcoming fundraising/development campaign.
Please note that MACSD itself does not give funding grants through the fiscal sponsorship program, and sponsored projects are entirely responsible for their own fundraising. View the AGREEMENT and HOW TO APPLY for fiscal sponsorship.

Current & past projects for which MACSD has acted as a fiscal sponsor include:

Accomando, Beth – Film Geeks San Diego / Film School Confidential
Artenstein, Isaac – Frontier Jews
Bender, Kevin – Title TBA
Blue, Carroll – Title TBA
Byrd, Beth – Everyone Their Grain Of Sand
Castañeda, Laura – Stories de la Frontera
Cilley, Jodi – San Diego Independent & Student Film Foundation
Day, Mark – Gary MacEoin project
Day, Mark & Paul Espinosa – Pain and Privilege in Peñasquitos
Day, Mark & Paul Espinosa – Chunky Sanchez
Espinosa, Paul , Lyn Goldfarb, Emiko Omori & Jed Riffe – Beyond the Dream
Esquer, Mario – The Children of the Conquistadors
Fab Lab San Diego
Finding Families in Mexico
Franco, Willie – Tu es mi otro yo
Gonzalez, Xochitl – Powder
Gonzalez, Xochitl Gonzalez – Rocket Man
Grandhaw, Patrick – Title TBA
Hernandez, Sebastian – Unfamiliar
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival – Rodriguez, Miguel
Los Bilingual Writers
Massimei, Marc Anthony – San Diego Indie (SDI)
Newlander, Mark -“Through My Eyes”
Okun, Tony – Title TBA
Paras, Gulliver – Crime in Progress
Pelayo, Carlos – Megan
Rescue Me (Doggie Street Festival) – Jude Artenstein
Reyes, Rodrigo – Sanson and Me
Rice, Andy – Diary of a Red Carpet
Rast, Cassidy
Romani, Rebecca – Arabs Anonymous/No Hay Moros
Sousa, David – Depression and Disthymia A Balancing Act
San Diego Film Critics Society
San Diego Mini Maker Faire
Speak City Heights
Trumbull-LaValle, Kate – Ovarian Pschos
Umar, Farheen – Women of Islam

To make tax deductible contributions to any of these projects, or for more information, contact Ethan van Thillo at MACSD at 619-230-1938, Fax # 619-230-1937,