Ethan van Thillo, Executive Director/Founder

Ethan van Thillo is Founder and Executive Director of the Media Arts Center San Diego (MACSD). Since 1989, Ethan’s worked in media arts, programming Latino film festivals for the University of California, Santa Cruz; Cine Acción in San Francisco; Cine Estudiantil at the University of California San Diego; and the National Latino Communications Center in Los Angeles. Ethan has curated hundreds of programs at festivals and/or special events in 45 libraries across California, Mexico City, Morelia, Las Cruces, Nuevo Laredo, San Antonio, Tijuana, Sacramento, and San Diego.

In 1995, Ethan transformed Cine Estudiantil into the San Diego Latino Film Festival. In 1999, to broaden the scope of the festival following four successful years, Ethan established the nonprofit Media Arts Center San Diego in 1999. Under the umbrella of MACSD, Ethan has developed and continues to create innovative community media programs such as the California Digital Story Station initiative, Teen Producers Project, Youth Media & Tech Camps; Mobile Stories, Speak City Heights, The People’s Post, Video Production Services Department, and the Digital Gym community technology center and CINEMA.

Ethan has served on various funding panels including San Diego’s Commission for Arts & Culture, Latino Public Broadcasting, Rockefeller Foundation’s 2004 Film and Video Fellowships; California Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts’ funding panel for Media Arts. He’s spoken at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, National Association of Latino Arts & Culture, and National Alliance of Media Arts & Culture.



Ryan Kuratomi, Director of Video Production

Ryan joined MACSD in 2009, where he leads the Video Production team in producing content for the  YMCA, San Diego Natural History Museum, KPBS, and SDG&E, and others. His extensive background in all aspects of the production process comes from years of working directly with clients from ideation to final delivery in video projects.




Moisés Esparza, Exhibitions Manager

Moisés is Exhibitions Manager for MACSD where he is responsible for the curation of film-related initiatives, including the San Diego Latino Film Festival and the Digital Gym CINEMA. He graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies with a concentration in Psychology. He is a Master of Arts candidate in the Television, Film, and New Media Department at San Diego State University.

His past professional experience includes internships at Summit Entertainment and other companies, where he assisted development and acquisitions departments with a multitude of tasks.



Javier Tirado, Director of Marketing, Special Events & Sponsorships

Javier Tirado has recently joined the organization as the Director of Marketing, Special Events & Sponsorships. He is an experienced marketing professional and special events manager, with years of expertise.

Javier is responsible for the marketing and communication strategy of the organization; along with directing managing media relations, branding, advertising and digital marketing. He manages and oversees sponsorships, charitable contributions and special events such as our annual flagship event – The San Diego Latino Film Festival, the largest Latino film festival in the country.

A University of San Diego graduate, with over 15 years of marketing, high-profile event management & entertainment industry experience, he has held the roles of Director of Marketing; Director of Promotions; Regional Assistant Marketing Director and National Marketing Associate for global retail owners – Westfield Shopping Centers and radio stations in our San Diego/Baja CA binational market.




Juan Lopez, Exhibitions Coordinator

Juan is MACSD’s Exhibition Coordinator. He attended The Los Angeles Film School where he participated with film crews working on various short films and TV shows. Juan returned to San Diego upon graduating, joining MACSD as a marketing and PR Program Associate for the Digital Gym CINEMA. Juan is responsible for managing our Digital Gym CINEMA as well as curating all of the short films for the annual San Diego Latino Film Festival.



Amanda Barcena, Operations Manager

Amanda has been a full charge bookkeeper for 12 years. She has over 15 years of bookkeeping experience, with the last 7 years performing day-to-day financial operations at MACSD. Her previous experience includes financial management for the San Diego Muscular Dystrophy chapter as well as a local post-secondary vocational school. She’s served Presidents, Executive Directors, Senior Accountants, and CPAs during her career. Amanda recently graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University.



Cameron G. Quevedo, Director of Education

Cameron is a filmmaker, media arts educator, and San Diego native. He holds an MFA in Film Production from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as graduate degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. Before joining the staff at MACSD, Cameron was a faculty member at Villanova University, where he taught courses in film production, history, and theory. Cameron also maintains his own creative practice, directing documentary and narrative films in the U.S. and Mexico.



Shanna Trenholm, Consultant/Grant Writer

Shanna is a writer, consultant, and creative strategist who has worked closely with MACSD since 2010. A San Diego native, Shanna understands the needs of our community and our organization. She assists us with prospect research, fundraising strategy, writing, and grant writing.



Larry Da Silveira, Education Coordinator

Larry is a veteran educator and avid cinephile. He holds a BA in Social Science from San Diego State University as well as a master’s degree in Education and Learning from Point Loma Nazarene University. Before joining the staff at MACSD, Larry taught high school for twelve years before seeking a better work-life balance to care for his son with autism spectrum disorder. Coordinating the Youth Media programs at MACSD combines his passion for education with his love of cinema and he is dedicated to providing kids with opportunities to express themselves while learning to collaborate with others.


Ana Nita, Teaching Artist

Ana has an extensive background in journalism, filmmaking and teaching, with decades of experience on two continents. Ana was born in Romania where she worked as an investigative reporter, war correspondent, show host and TV News producer for national newspapers and TV stations. In the USA, Ana continued her journalistic career as a News Editor for NBC 7 San Diego while freelancing with investigative articles for local media. She continued her studies in Digital Media and Video Production at UCSD. As a filmmaker, Ana wrote, produced, directed and edited a series of short films and documentaries, winning several awards. For the past decade, teaching became her number one passion. Her dream job was teaching video editing and photography to adults with disabilities for Options for All, San Diego. Ana is now returning to Media Arts Center to teach the basics of producing documentaries to teens and is having lots of fun in the process.



Anjalika Sharma, Teaching Artist

Anjalika studied film at the Satyajit Ray Film & TV Institute in Kolkatta, India. Her thesis film, Meena Jha, received the National Award for the Best Debut of a Director at the Indian National Awards in 2001. She received a scholarship to attend HFF at Potsdam, Germany to direct a short film, Fourth World, for the German Festival of India in Berlin. Since moving to the US in 2001 she has made both narrative and documentary films including two documentaries for PBS and 6 shorts for the U.S. Air Force. Her most recent short film “Mae,” about two estranged sisters, was on Amazon Prime. When she’s not on a film set she is taking pictures and writing. She is currently working on a children’s book series on contemporary social-emotional themes. She is passionate about the Arts and South Asian representation in mainstream American media. She lives in San Diego with her husband, two children, two cats, and a dog. You can find her at, @indienari on Instagram and @indienari on Twitter. Also check out Shoutout SoCal’s write up about Anjalika.



Damaris Trevizo, Teaching Artist

Damaris plays and works to promote well-being through creativity and mindfulness. She is an improviser, actor, and singer-songwriter, who loves DIY projects and collaborating with others on creative projects like films, music production, and home decor/organization. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from San Diego State University, and coupled that with a Sustainability Minor during her years there. She spends her time following the creative endeavors she’s being guided toward, and finding better ways to practice living as gently toward herself and others as she can. She is an advocate for rest, doing good, and creating when guided to create. At the moment, she’s taking Clown Improv classes with a fantastic group of goofy humans, and working on creating her first music album with the help of her friends.



Danila Cervantes, Teaching Artist

Danila Cervantes is a first generation Mexican American animator, filmmaker, illustrator, and fabricator. They grew up on the border of Calexico and Mexicali Baja California, memories from their childhood inspire their work along with its vast desert landscape. Myth, legends, and folk tales spark colorful imagery in their head that are then translated into illustrations and animations. They graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in the Spring of 2019 where they majored in film, animation and video.



Devone Jones, Assistant Teaching Artist

Devone is an independent filmmaker from New York who enjoys hiking and traveling.



Diego Lynch, Teaching Artist

Diego is a self-taught videographer, editor, and independent filmmaker from San Diego, California. Through his production company, Diego Lynch Productions, he provides videography services, amplifying the voices of social change-makers. Prior to starting work on his documentary project, telling the story of the struggle of people fleeing the Iraq War to gain representation in the USA, Diego was in New York – working as a news writer and videographer, after obtaining his M.A. in Journalism from New York University. Diego came from a writing and political-campaigning background before grad-school and received two B.A.s – Economics and Politics from the University of California Santa Cruz.



Edwin Cruz, Teaching Artist

Edwin is a film producer and editor based in San Diego, California. He holds a BA in Visual Arts: Media from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). In 2014, he co-founded the Buenpaso Collective, a group of filmmakers who sought to address social issues. Alongside this collective, Edwin produced the feature length documentary, Letters from Our Elders, which addressed topics surrounding immigration. He also produced “Del Manantial Del Corazon,” (From the Spring of the Heart) an adaptation of a stage play that documents women’s issues in Yucatan, Mexico. Edwin is currently the creative director of a digital marketing agency and he continues to support the production of content that brings awareness of pressing social issues in his communities.



Kathy Barbini, Teaching Artist

Kathy is an independent documentary and national television producer/director with over 20 years experience. Her documentaries have been broadcast on PBS stations nationwide, featured in film festivals, and distributed worldwide. She was a producer/writer for an ACE-Award winning educational daily series for The Discovery Channel, and produced television programs for leading national broadcasts, including an ACE-Award nominated special for MTV Networks, and many client videos and documentaries. She’s worked for ABC and NBC News on national programs including Nightline and The Sunday Today Show, and a presidential television special broadcast nationally.  She enjoys mentoring young people in the art of filmmaking, and has taught both narrative and documentary classes to junior high and high school students in public and homeschool programs, and to community college students.



Mizar Martin, Teaching Artist

Mizar is a visual artist and anthropologist from Tijuana. Her work includes paintings, cartoons, photography, and sometimes tattoos, of the absurd and dark daily life, with hints of optimism. Teaching art to youth restored her faith in humanity. Mizar is a firm believer in punk rock and social justice. Mizar has been part of the Media Arts Center team since October 2018.



Noah Kalal, Assistant Teaching Artist

Noah Kalal is a writer and producer who loves films as much as he loves his two dogs. Noah recently graduated from California State University, Northridge, where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Screenwriting. He’s written two short films – Accrescent and Hard to Run – and is currently producing a web series pilot titled WAVE, a coming-of-age drama centered on a young surf rock singer trying to break out on his own while dealing with school, family, and addiction.

Noah also loves working with kids. In 2019 and 2021, he worked as a camp counselor at Camp Fiesta Island and Camp Big Horn respectively, where he taught filmmaking and animation to hundreds of Scouts. Noah enjoys teaching his students the power of storytelling even when resources are limited.



Victor De La Fuente, Teaching Artist

Victor is a performance and visual artist, actor and playwright, currently focused in combining analog and digital art forms to create theatrical plays and films, fueled by dance, costume-making, and performance art for the stage or online platforms. Victor holds a BA in Visual Arts from University of California San Diego where he began to explore media and video installation work with dance. He is a resident artist at Space 4 Art in San Diego and co-producer and editor of Space 4 Art TV: art educational videos from artists to young adults. Victor is passionate about creating art events and exhibitions that are binational, diverse, and accessible to the general public. Victor is the Director of “La RaRa Noche,” a performance art event bringing many artists from San Diego and Tijuana together to share new works in performance, dance, and music. Victor prepares for Season 3 of “RaRa” to be shown through live-stream platforms and feature international artists.



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